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Welcome to the portfolio section of my design site: The meat & potatoes, the bread & butter, the nuts & bolts. Here, you'll find snippets of various platforms and types of design I have experience with.

I like to think of myself as a well-rounded designer, fluent in print, digital, branding, event design, 3D, web (front-end design) and tablet/mobile app design. I think it's important nowadays to be multi-faceted in both one's design experience and production thought-process. So many visual campaigns need to work cross-platform, and I bring that perspective to many of my projects. The key to design, regardless of media, is a rock solid understanding of design concepts, color, composition, layout, and typography.


The samples in my portfolio have come from working in the visual arts and graphic design industries for a decade. Please contact me if you're interested in receiving physical samples of what you see, or to see how I can help you with a special design project.


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